Apr 11, 2007

leave the sealings alone

There is a new Yeah Yeah Yeahs song, "Sealings." It is on the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack. Give it a listen here. What the fuck? What the hell kind of song is that anyway? "I want out?" I want out, Karen.
Poor Nick Zinner. He needs to take his Spider-bucks and take off up the wall.
Where should he go? His remix of The Blood Brothers' "Lazer Life" is an improvement over the original, and that Head Wound City EP which featured Nick, some Blood Brothers, and some Locusts was a lot of fun as well, aaannnnddd I saw them all hanging out at the Cha Cha once, so maybe Nick should just become a Blood Brother. Post-Johnny Marr joining up with Modest Mouse, would it really be so strange?
Listen to Head Wound City
Blood Brothers "Lazer Life (Nick Zinner Remix)"
From the "Set Fire to the Face on Fire" import single. Find it at a local independent music seller near you. I hope this song is what the end of the world sounds like.

Apr 6, 2007

still rememberin'

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Bloc Party "I Still Remember" (SebastiAn remix)(from goodweatherforairstrikes.com)
Bloc Party "Two More Years" (MSTRKRFT remix)
Here are two great, great remixes of just kind of alright Bloc Party songs, one a year old, and the other brand new. MSTRKRFT and SebastiAn substitute the plaintive guitar strums and playful bass lines of the originals with a much more driving, heavier bass sound and drums which stomp where the original merely shuffle awkwardly. They excise dodgy lyrics, like "You've cried enough this lifetime, my beloved polar bear" from "Two More Years," and bring pretty vocal parts from bridges and refrains to the forefront.
Both of these songs are about love lost and regret and memory and all that. Dance music gets a rep as shallow, but by filling these tracks out with energy and swagger it makes them more relatable, and easier to get drawn in. Furthermore, this isn't "just" dance music. These tracks are as crisp and raw at the same time as any great rock number. But this is rock and roll for those of us who find solace in moving our feet, and catharsis in hand claps, and not listening to sad British boys who have been basically repeating themselves for 40 years.